There are many dangerous effects of oxidation (The theft of an electron) on the body’s organs:

* Oxidation of the liver can lead to hepatitis, cirrhosis and cancer
* Oxidation of the pancreas can lead to pancreatitis, diabetes and cancer
* Oxidation of the kidney can lead to nephritis, nephrosis and cancer

Don’t panic just yet! There is a way to protect your body’s healthy tissue from oxidation caused by these free radicals, it’s called Alkaline Water. You must simply provide free electrons to the active oxygen radicals. This will neutralize their high oxidation potential and keep your healthy tissue safe from oxidation. All this will happen once you incorporate higher ph water like Alkaline Water into your diet.

The most effective way to protect your body from free radicals is to increase your intake of Alkaline Water. Anti-oxidants block the damage that active oxygen makes to your body’s healthy cells. By taking care of your body and providing extra electrons (in the form of anti-oxidants via high ph foods and Alkaline Water) to the active oxygen radicals, you are protecting yourself from a wide array of diseases. Time to make the switch, from acidic water that you consume from all the bottled waters out there, to Alkaline Organic Water.

Think of how green you are being as well! Instead of buying bottled water, you will have a system that you can fill any bottle at home with your Alkaline Water and you will no longer be wasting money buying 24 packs of bottled water at the store! Green and healthy, a win win!